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Anything under your sink that you are not willing to eat should be moved or you should install childproof locks on the cabinet doors.

It is also important to keep medicines locked away - a tool box with a lock could be used for this.

Keep our phone magnet or Mr. Yuk stickers on your telephone so you will have the Poison Center phone number right where you need it.

If your child should ingest anything, call the Pittsburgh Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 immediately. Put this number into your cell phone. Remember that the Poison Center is best equipped to tell you what to do if your child should ingest anything poisonous. Call them first, not our office. However, do call us and let us know what has happened and how your child is later on.
Childproofing should be done by 6 months of age. This is when your baby will begin to be mobile.

Baby proof your home by moving objects off of low tables and shelves. Don't use tablecloths that hang over the edge of the table.

Watch out for counter top appliances. Babies can grab dangling cords and pull objects down onto themselves. Be especially careful with irons and curling irons; never leave them unattended.

Walkers are not to be used at any time. They are too dangerous. Stationary exersaucers may be used for brief periods as long as they cannot move.

Safety Checklists

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