Sick Visits
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If your child is sick and needs to be seen in our office, please call us for an appointment. Sick visits are scheduled on the day the appointment is needed or one day in advance. To schedule a sick visit please call our Murrysville office starting at 7:30 am at (724) 325-2133. We try our best to accommodate your choice of office or doctor. However, especially during busy times of the year, one office may be booked and you may be asked to schedule your appointment at one of our other offices.

We are here to help 24/7. Call us if your child is sick and you are concerned. Please try to avoid urgent care centers. Most do not have providers that are specifically trained in pediatrics and we believe we are able to provide the best care for your child.
Well Child Visits
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Well child visits (checkups) are important in keeping your child healthy. We'll monitor your child's growth and development, answer any questions you have, and provide important vaccinations at these visits. To schedule a well visit appointment you may call any office during normal business hours. Well visits must be scheduled in advance. Certain times of year may be busier than others and you may need to schedule several weeks ahead of time.
Walk-In Sick Hour
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Walk-In Sick Hour is open October 1 - March 31
March 31st was the last day for Walk-In.
Look for Walk-In Sick Hours to return in the fall once the peak of sick season starts back up. We'll keep you posted.