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American Academy of Pediatrics
An organization of 60,000 dedicated pediatricians working together for the care of children

Healthy Children
Website created by the American Academy of Pediatrics to provide information to parents and families

Kids Health
Information about the health, growth, development, and emotions of children

Teens Health
Information about the health, growth, development, and emotions of teenagers


Choose My Plate
Educational site on how to make healthy eating choices


Let’s Move Pittsburgh
Let’s Move! campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of healthy foods, increased exercise and decreased screen time


CDC Vaccine Information
Up to date information on the vaccine schedule and each vaccine preventable disease

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center
Current and reliable information about vaccines for parents

Vaccinate Your Family
An initiative aimed at raising awareness of the critical importance of vaccines across the lifespan

Autism Science Foundation
Scientific reports investigating the association between vaccines and autism

Information about car seat safety, seat belt use, and teen driving

Consumer Product Safety Commission
Important information about recalls and product safety

Common Sense Media
Great website for parents on appropriate media for children

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